Founded in 2013, Patriots Path is the region’s first non-profit career coaching and job search training program created specifically to support the unique needs of military personnel in transition to civilian careers. Developed and taught by career coaches and executive recruiters who understand the complexities of the civilian hiring process, the Patriots Path course empowers and encourages veterans in translating their experiences while navigating the complex civilian landscape of networking, elevator pitches and interviewing.

For anyone new to the job search process, the most important first step is evaluating what career options are of real interest and hold true potential for the job seeker. Our program is unique in that we don’t just connect our students with job opportunities but rather support them first in discovering how their military experience can translate to the civilian workforce in the most rewarding way. Starting our class with a specialized personality/interest assessment brings focus to who these service men and women are as individuals and what positions could lead to lifetime careers, not just “a job with a paycheck.” This more personalized approach, also reflected in our one-on-one mentoring with local HR professionals and business executives, is what makes Patriots Path special.

Charlotte is currently home to over 9,000 post-9/11 veterans and that number is increasing rapidly as U.S. military downsizing continues. Of the challenges these men and women face including access to healthcare, housing, and employment, finding a job is cited by 69% of returning veterans as the most difficult. As we continue expanding our transition program, we are tracking not only the successful “hire” rate of our graduates but their continuing education plans and entrepreneurial ventures. Success isn’t just about finding a job, it is about increased self confidence and sense of mission after the military. Assimilating back into the community quickly is more than just finding a job… it is commanding a sense of self that re-defines who they are, and how they will contribute, in this new environment.

What makes Patriots Path a truly unique partner? Unlike some agencies that “include” the military population, our sessions are created specifically for this very special demographic. Our classes are smaller than most (10-15 participants) to foster community, trust and accountability as the team stays together over the course of the entire multi-class session. Veterans start the holistic process with a “best in class” personality/interest assessment that helps define (or broaden) the scope of their search while offering insights that translate into stronger resumes and interview skills.

In addition to the five group classes, students complete breakout sessions (one-on-one with assigned mentors and coaches) to cover personalized resume (re)writing, mock interviews and job shadowing. These extra sessions foster valuable networking relationships within local businesses and introduce potential employees to key decision makers. These connections are another important differentiator for our program.


For Transitioning Service Members

David's Story

Air National Guard/United States Air Force

"I liked the interaction with others. Sometimes in the job search, you feel like you're alone but in the classroom you are not alone."

Shasta's Story

SGT / NC Air National Guard (Army)

"The class helped me build my confidence, it made me better. My skills even helped my husband & other veterans get a job!"

Antonio's Story

Fuel System Maintenance/US Air Force Reserve

"I thought the class was job-hunting for veterans but it's more than that. I found out about myself, how to describe my strengths and weaknesses."

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